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Access at the dock

In order to facilitate the access on the boat and to the dock, ramps are designed to have gentle slopes and level areas so that the use of a wheelchair is made easier.

Wire mesh, non-skid pads or industrial strength rubber mats can be laid over areas which may be slippery, and hand and guard rails can be available on either side of the ramp for safety and additional support.


Getting into the boat is easily done with the use of a transfer box or board. This is a box with a hinged board attached that when opened up, provides a ramp to slide from the box top to the boat. A transfer board allows the sailor to transfer directly from their chair to the boat by sliding from one to the other.Additionally, volunteers are always ready to help with a full body lift if the sailor feels this will increase their safety.

Boat Modifications

Modifications on the boat are not made. Mobility, stability, hand function and vision are optimized for non-disabled passengers.

Obstructions are part within and around the boat and consistent location of equipment is established for visually impaired sailors.

Stability, Safety and Comfort

In order to maximize stability aboard, harnesses and straps/belts with quick release fasteners are often used to secure the sailor to the seat and add safety, comfort and stability for those who cannot physically hold him/herself upright. The belt is used across the lap and chest, and the harness around the shoulders. Be sure that quick release fasteners are secured in such a way as to make them easy to reach and release by the sailor, a crew member or a sailing companion.

Please ask for this kind of Equipment, when booking the Sailing Yacht!

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